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Assignment 1

When the internet is down, it becomes slow to access personal documents and social information that I find critical and beneficial. Most of my social media and official or work platforms rely on the internet. Illustratively, it becomes difficult to reach personal emails and other official arenas such as class updates from the websites. As a result, a slow internet means that my official and social life would be slowed down to some extent and degree. In the conventional society, it becomes critical and dire to use the internet not only to balance official communications but also personal lives. If the internet had not been invented it would have been impossible to share and communicate with the various friends in the online spaces. The web has also enabled me to share and receive information at a fast speed without which our lives would be limited to our geographical areas. As such, social media platforms that allow people to connect and share would not have been possible and tenable. In all aspects and considerations, there are many avenues of sharing and connecting that have been enabled by the presence of the internet.

My personal gadgets and devices such as cell phones and personal computers are dependent on the internet for convenience and communication or connectivity. In the modern society, it is easy and convenient for people to share information with one another using the online platforms. It has become some form of reliance and utmost dependence because my lifestyle is reliant on daily information and visitation on the webs. For instance, breaking news and quick information reaches the social media platforms faster than they reach the mainstream media outlets. As such I easily rely on the social media platforms to receive the news updates and also engage other people on the issues of interest to the society and globe by extension.


Assignment 2

i. Cell Phone

ii. Laptop

iii. Computers

iv. CCTV cameras

v. Digital camera

2. i. Communication with others such as through emails and messaging. Similarly, I relate and contact other people such as classmates through the use of the internet

ii. It is a platform where I shop by placing orders through web-based markets such as Amazon and eBay. It is convenient and cheaper to buy commodities from the online based markets such as Amazon because they do home deliveries.

iii. Bookings such as events and other entertainment cycles. It is easier to buy tickets and appointments because most companies have launched their online platforms hence making it easier to make bookings.

iv. Online banking services such as account and balance inquiries. I find it easier to monitor my financial information from home or any other place of my convenience through the Internet.

v. I also freelance because I search for work opportunities through the online and internet platforms. I have a passion for working with some of the leading Information Technology firms in the world. Most of them place vacancies and openings in their websites hence internet allows me to access some of the existing vacancies and career openings.

3. I use the social media to connect and share information with friends. Additionally, I make friends and keep in touch with people from other parts of the world. In essence, I also find it beneficial to find people who share similar interests with me such as students from other institutions of learning. In brief, the social media has made my communication and interaction modalities easier and convenient. Also, I get updates on happenings from the world instantly because of the ease of information flow. In essence, the social media platforms are my first stop shop for breaking news and information updates.

4. I employ a combination of measures such as antiviruses and firewalls to keep my Personal Computer safe. It is necessary for me because I access online files that might be laced with suspicious wares that may affect the safety of my computer.

5.  Web-based emails are internet accounts that companies use to verify and access information about their clients. It requires some special privileges such as official clearance for a person to be allowed to access the web-based emails. The email client, on the other hand, is an account that is held and opened from multiple sources. As long as one has the internet connection, he or she would have the chance to access the accounts. A practical case and instance, if the Yahoo and Gmail platforms of clients.

Assignment 3

In generally learned the modalities of the internet and social media platforms. In principle, I got to appreciate the place of the social media to the people in the human society. In essence, the internet is a global network that interlinks computers and mobile device on the same grid. The FTP refers to the File Transfer Protocol that links a user such as a client to the main server on the same grid of network. As such it is a server-client model. The Web on the other hand is a string of interconnected files or elements.

The internet has made my research and academic life easier, faster and convenient. Further, it has enabled me to access various databases of academic materials at an instant instead of going through dense manual or physical books. I must also admit that it has advanced my social life because I meet and interact with interesting people online on a regular basis. Intuitively, it would have been difficult or impossible to establish the kind of social links and friendships that I enjoy without the presence of the internet.

Email has enabled the interlink of information between two parties such as school and student or clients and businesses faster. It is also less strenuous or cumbersome as opposed to mail that would take days to deliver or reach their intended destinations.

Google is my favorites search engine because it is popular and easy to use. Also, it has colorful features that illuminate the experience of a user during data and information search.

Amazon, eBay and PayPal because they have they own domains and entry portals that ensure that the privacy and dignity of the user are respected and maintained. Social media websites do not have the same security and privacy features and also require one to log in through special social media platforms such as Facebook.

The Internet is a global network that accessed by anybody from any part of the world while the intranet is a private grid for specific people such as within an organization. There are firewalls and clearance codes such as passwords in the intranet, unlike the internet.

Cloud computing is a remote server that hosts, processes and manages data on behalf of another firm or company.

Assignment 4

The Capstone Project was critical to confirm that the internet is a critical component of the human society. In the conventional society and timeframe, it has changed the outlook of humanity. Specifically, the way through which people communicate and interact or do business has also been shaped and changed. People relate and interact with other without necessarily being in the same geographical location and space. As a result, it would be easier to find people who are in other spaces which share similar interests and capabilities or talents. The uniqueness of the internet is also a manner and way of life. All things in the modern society such as shopping have also been revolutionized and changed through the internet and its accompanying applications and features. As a result, all businesses and markets have become points of engagement and interaction because people receive and share information on the changes that occur all over the world. The baseline is that the internet is a new invention that has changed the way of life and culture of the world on how things work.

There are many inventions in the internet and online spectrums. It thus becomes critical to understand and define the way through which a person would articulate the web and online situations. It is also my respectful and humble outlook and opinion that there other relatable creations and inventions that have mushroomed from the main internet creations. In essence,  is  become better and positive to the world and society. A practical case and sense are the cloud computing services that have been developed from the basic tenet of the internet. As such there is a possibility that the future of the internet arenas and spectrums would be advanced and technical than it is in the current state and situation.


Assignment 5

i.    Operating System for instance Windows 10 is the engine of all computers and digital devices. Additionally, it is easily configurable to other hardware hence it is a multipurpose operating system. As a result, acquiring an original key and genuine operating system would be beneficial because it would assist in other systems of mobile devices. It is critical to mention that it has an application store that are convenient and configurable with various devices. Due to its high functionality, Windows 10 operations system is essential for all-purpose devices and digital gadgets such as computers and mobile phones. For an original key it and subsequent installation including repairs and maintenance during its lifetime it should cost an approximate price of $200. Another reason as to why the Windows 10 operating system is a proper software and cannot escape attention is its security feature. In effect, the operating system comes with an inbuilt complete system program that would protect and safeguard the digital device and gadget against malicious ware. It is imperative to articulate that an operating system must be fixed with other protective gears and applications that would be leased or purchased by the seller from other developers and companies. Illustratively, the cloud services are leased from other developers whose programs are configurable with the Windows 10 operating system.

ii.    Antivirus such as McAfee is a systems security software that checks, detects and cleans any malicious programs or viruses. McAfee regularly updates itself and alternates to blend with the improvements in the malicious programs. It goes without saying that hackers and cybercriminals are constantly reviewing their style and penetration codes. As a result, it would require a different version of improved security software and program that would detect and manage such sleekness. McAfee self-updates even without the internet and is able to renew its versions to the latest development. The intention is to be updated with the latest spyware and viruses that may affect the functionality of a computer or any other digital device, gadget and systems. A complete version of the McAfee antivirus would cost approximately $200, and it would be usable by more than one person. Hence, it can be installed into the mainframe of a server or office computer systems and allow multiples computers to be protected from the dangers of hackings. It is important and critical to note and mention that McAfee is one of the latest software to enter the market and has the high degree of efficiency. Unlike other antiviruses, it has a longer shelf-life and can be used by many computers at the same level of efficiency.

iii.    Software database such as the Structured Query Language (SQL) that focuses on the relational techniques and tenets. In the modern society management of datasets is critical because of the delicacy of information and data. It is imperative to mention that management and storage of information is a daily need and situation. All aspects of business and social life rely on the efficacy and efficiency of databases. As a result, it is practically impossible to overemphasize the essence and relevance of the database. In order to install a fully functional program, it should cost roughly $200. A business must appreciate and value SQL database because it would be beneficial to separate datasets based on their relevance and essence. For instance, the invoice of suppliers can be separated from the list of clients hence give the business an easy time and convenient operating environment. Specifically, the database software would be intuitive and important to use in the business angles and situations. Murky and unorganized databases or datasets translate to inconvenience and chaotic office environment of operations. Thus, the database SQL software would be installed into the mainframe of a server and a computer system for subsequent use by many officers and data analysts in an organization.

iv.    Graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop is an important design software necessary for both social or personal and official aspects and areas. On a personal level, I would use the Adobe Photoshop to design postcards and make cosmetic videos and other artistic drawings and features. Being a lover of social media and the fun in the webs, it becomes critical that one must maintain some semblance and hype. To create funny videos and inspirational artworks or pieces such as pictures the software would be important to crop out and edit images to fit the social realities of different times. As such, I would use the software to build and grow a huge social media following that would assist me to become relevant in the social media cycles. Professionally, I would use it develop my brand as an online freelancer. Intuitively, the features embedded in the software Adobe Photoshop have innate abilities and characteristics that would model some of my artistic creations. Hence, I would prefer to use it to shape my professional brand and image. A fully functional and ensures Adobe Photoshop software that can fit an office organization would cost $200. This is because the generic feature of the software would ensure that more people can use it effectively and efficiently.

v.    Internet Browser such as Google Chrome is and search engine host that allows users to access information from multiple datasets and various databases online. In all aspects and fairness, an internet browser is beneficial and critical to search and peruse millions of databases. Everything or information is embedded in the webs. Searching information both professional and social requires an amiable browser that is flexible and easy to maneuver. As such to search all information and data requires a person a strong and configurable browser. Additionally, Google Chrome is installed with some security features that digitally sieves and searches or scans information in the webs. This is my first choice browser because it notifies the user of any suspicious data that might affect the functionality of a computer and the applications or software that come with them. Likewise, Google Chrome allows a user to multitask and perform various functions at the same time without hanging. In retrospect, the functionality and performance of Google Chrome are expressive and critical. In essence, to fully purchase and install the browser such as Google Chrome it should cost $200 because it would require to integrate all the security and safety features that would blend with a wide mainframe of the information system of a computer and server.

Assignment 6

Antivirus is a program or software that has been designed to destroy and detect any suspicious malware such as computer viruses. Productivity, on the other hand, refers to the mechanism and framework of a trade that documents, presents and designs databases and other digital videos. In essence, it focuses on the productive functionality of a computer and information system. System tools, on the other hand, refers to the whole elements such as disk defragmenter and disk checker that endeavor to maintain the functionality and effectiveness of a computer system. All these components tend to improve the functionality and efficiency or effectiveness of a computer system.

Ribbon UI and Tab both organizes the features of the page of a computer into a single slide that encompasses all the relatable elements into a single window and click. Similarly, both the Ribbon UI and the tab form part of an enhanced tips that give suggestions on some of the associated commands and the adjacent or subsequent keys that

An Antivirus is an application software that ensure the security of the digital device and gadget by tracking, detecting and monitoring against any suspicious wares such as viruses. Word Processor, Presentation software such as PowerPoint and Utility such as Disk Clean-up are part of the application programs. In principle, these are conventionally called the end-user programs because they tend to provide enhanced functionality and usability of the computers. In essence, this software and programs do not control the technical or architectural and mechanical functionality of a computer. But in its place, they offer increased level and degree of output and efficiency for the users. Implicitly, there are two main categorizations of the applications software that include the end-user programs such as those named above herein. Additionally, there are others such as the system software that improve the output and efficiency of the mechanical and technical abilities of a computer.

Assignment 7

1.    i. Components- Central Processing Unit, Memory, Hard Drive Space, Video Requirements, HD, USB, Optical Drive, any specialty items you may require for what you do.

ii.   Uses.  What will you be using the computer for?

iii.   Type of computer.  Laptop, Desktop, Tablet

iv.     The length of Service.  How long do you expect your computer to last you before you have to purchase a new one?

v.    Price.  This should focus on the financial ability and impetus of a user so that one would not exceed his or her budget.

2.    I would expect to use the computer for my school work in the current time, but in future, I would prefer to convert it official work and commercial purposes. Besides, it also serves as my great asset of socialization because I can reach other people with similar interests and desires.

3.    I need a laptop because it is portable and has greater functional features. Besides, I intend to move around with it from the library to different locations and chasing Wi-Fi network hotspots. Comparative to a tablet laptop is not fragile hence can withstand any mechanical knocks and shocks inevitable during the life of a student.

4.    I intend to use it in the immediate to balance my studies and freelance jobs in the various online spaces. It is my respectful submission and line of thought that some of the features and software that I would install in the current time would be relevant in sessions and times to come. Thus, I would anticipate that some of the features and programs that I would use would still bear the same essence and relevance to me in the time to come or future.

Assignment 8

There are various components of the system unit because these are the marginal elements of the computer. Mainly, the motherboard is the core part because it is the center and engine of all parts of a computer. Most elements are connected to it, and it varies in form and outlook such as MicroAtx and the ATX that is smaller in size and popular among the youths because it is smaller. Secondly, the processor is a form of integrates link, network or circuit that receives information that is coded for the purpose of execution. In the conventional sense, there is the pin-less process and one with pins. The Memory is another critical element and component of the system unit. Mainly it is referred to as the Random Access Memory or the RAM because it encompasses the data and programs.

Further, the hard drive is the main archival component an element for the system unit because it is the location where the information about the operating system is stored and managed. Also, data of applications, programs and other software including the security systems such as antivirus are also stored or kept. There are two types of hard drives namely the SAPI (Serial Attachment Packet Interface) and the PAPI (Parallel Attachment Packet Interface). Video card regulates the information observable on the monitor. Lastly, if the power supply that feeds power to both the PATA and SATA areas or connectors of a PC.

A laptop is a portable device suitable for movement and has high functionality. A desktop is a computer that in installed on a table or desk due to its heavy or big mechanical components such as CPU and speakers. On the other hand, a tablet is the smallest wireless digital computer in the shape and form of a cell phone. It has a relatively higher degree of functionality as opposed to the desktop but lower than an advanced laptop.

Assignment 9

Input devices are any form of hardware or mechanical device that remits information to the system unit of a computer thereby allowing the user to control its applications through the subsequent interaction. In the common sphere the mouse and a keyboard are the main forms of input devices noticeable to the computer realms. An output device, on the other hand, refers to a mechanical element and component that send information from the processing unit of a computer to another external user of the device. Illustratively, the audio and visual messages that users receive are instances of data output that emanates from the systems of the systems unit. A practical case and instance include the printers, headphones, projectors, and monitors.

The term ergonomics in the simplest and basic form represents the study and consideration of the efficiency of people in areas of their work. It is to say that this concept measures and contextualizes the harmony that people have with their immediate work surrounding. Intuitively, the information system encompasses part of the work environment of people. In principle, computers and people form part of this complex or intricate network thus it becomes critical to reduce any conflict or disharmony that may exist. In effect, physical damage and mechanical insufficiencies would be avoided when the information system operates in ample ergonomic situation and environment. Therefore, it is imperative to delineate and separate the systems and create a fluent and peaceful or mutual environment of work. This would ensure and imply that people with the right and proper authorization would be allowed to access the information system. These would include technicians and Information Technology experts due to their skills and talents or abilities. Additionally, they have the critical knowledge to address technical and mechanical situations that might occur in the course of work and existence.

Assignment 10

The input devices are the gadgets that transfer and put information to a computer and its mechanics. These may include the sensors, storage facilities and the parts that process data and information that might have been keyed in by the human operator. The primary function and component of an input device are that it is expressive to convert incoming digital data and signals whose codes are binary in nature to readable data for the system units. It implies that the codes must be understandable to the system units of the computer and allow the internal computations to appreciate and analyze such information and data. The output device, on the other hand, processes the information into consumable forms to the end user or a human operator.

The common examples of the input devices include the trackpads, joysticks, mouse and keyboard. On the other hand, the output features include the headphones, flow valves, monitors or screen and the laser printers. In brief, both the input and output devices process and analyze data into readable form either to the computers or the end users who are the people. 

The outright difference is that input devices process readable data to the system unit of a computer while the output devices avail the consumable information to the end user such as the human operator. Similarly, input devices can relay a given set of information to another computer outlet without necessarily having the capability of receive the same information. Furthermore, the output devices can receive and process data from an external source, but it cannot send the same data to another device such as an external computer. As such, the guiding differences are on data processes to readable forms either to the systems units of a computer for the input devices and final end user such through screens for the output devices.

Assignment 11

Green computing as a concept refers to the manner in which the computer facets are handled in an environmentally and ecosystem friendly modalities and outcomes. As a result, it also focuses on how to handle and dispose of the redundant features and wares so that they do not affect or harm the environment in any way or manner. In the same aspect and line of argument, this no9tion encompasses the approach and perspective of designing computer devices in a way the limits and greatly inhibits their chances of adverse environment impacts.

Mesa Community College can improve green computing modalities and aspects by improving teleconferencing services that would reduce the concentration of magnetic radiation in the institutions. As a result, it would be better when the main servers and concentration sites are dispersed from one area to online platforms or spaces. A practical case and instance is the online classes’ platform that reduces the number of people and students who would have otherwise concentrated their personal computers in the facility thereby increasing their magnetic radiations and emissions that are adverse to the environment.

Also, Mesa Community College can encourage and implement effective power saving mechanisms. Intuitively, it can reduce the reliance on electricity and focus more on solar power which is eco-friendly with no environmental side effect. As a suggestion, it should consider using cloud and virtual services frequently because it would decentralize the concentration of data smog and energy thereby reducing environmental degradation. Another argument and consideration that cannot escape attention is the composition and mechanical makeup of the hardware of the devices in use at Mesa Community College. The institution can purchase hardware materials that are laced with bio-degradable features so that when they become ineffective, they would decompose. Such a move would ensure that there would be no buildup of non-degradable metallic and computer waste that would adversely affect the environment.

Assignment 12

The basic meaning and implication of a storage device is a form of hardware that retains information even when the computer or power source is off. This is different from other computer storage facilities and amenities such as random access memory (RAM). There are three types of storage devices that include the magnetic drive the optical drives and the solid state or flash devices. To begin with, the magnetic-based drives include the floppy disks, the magnetic tapes, and the hard disks. Secondly, the optical based drives encompass the DVD drives which may include the RW and RPM while the CD drives include the RW and ROM features. Additionally, the flash and solid states include the Micro SD cards and the Universal Server Bar (USB) intuitions in the recent past, cloud, and virtual storage facilities have gained prominence and relevance due to their high efficiency and effectiveness. All these storage devices vary in their functionality, portability, recency, features and compatibility with the modern trends. Illustratively, the floppy disks are almost extinct because other versions of storage were introduced.

Disk spaces determine the amount of information I store and access or use over a given period of time. This ranges from storing school work, movies and work data. It is my respectful and measured opinion that a big space of data storage is better. As such, I would opt for a single external hard drive than have multiple smaller capacity and storage devices. As a result, I would prefer a five hundred Giga Bites device such as a Universal Server Bar (USB) because it is smaller in size, portable and can fit or be used in various digital devices such as cellphones and computers. This is to say that the five hundred GB space would be sufficient to blend academic and official data as well as social information.

Assignment 13

Attached in Excel Sheet-includes Pivot Table, Chart, and Correlational Analysis

Date are from hypothetical computation.

Assignment 14

The term and concept of network in the simplest sense refer to a string and grid of connectivity. In the human realm, there are various networks of friendships and social bonds such as families and relatives. In brief, a network defines and shapes the identity of a person. The internet refers to a grid of international digital connection that links computers, digital devices and host servers across the world. The baseline required for internet connection is the permissible network that allows the links to be processed from one server to an end recipient or receiver. As a result, the internet provides the ample gateway and link of connecting various people across the world based regardless of their geographical location. The internet also assists me to advance my academic and social journeys or merits. Thus, I can balance both aspects of my life in a seamless and critical manner.

In the event that the network such as the internet stops or is ineffective then my life would be limited to the same geographical area and location. It would be strenuous and difficult to review academic information from online databases and instead use the dense physical books which would be cumbersome and tiresome. Additionally, it would be more expensive or costly to receive and pass information because social media has provided an avenue of easy and cheap communication. Thus, my phone bill would rise, and frequency of using manual mails would also double or rise.

Cables, Wireless hotspots, and Satellites are types of connection devices that link people over the internet and other spectrums or spheres. Cables may require some string such as a broadband modem to receive and remit signals of a network. The Wi-Fi or the wireless principle or tenet does not require or physical device or feature to connect and instead a person may link with a hotspot area of connection.

Assignment 15

1.    Types of IT jobs of interest to me include: Head of IT department in an organization, a Software developer or a data Administrator and Analyst.

2.    Primarily, a dream job must have a good salary and favorable work engagement terms. This is to say that the prospective job opening must have realistic chances of progression and career growth. As a result, there must be adequate openings and chances or cases of progression from one job group or position to the next. In the same line of thought and argument, there should be room for diversification because technology is a dynamic career path. As an IT officer the job should bestow to me some degree of freehand to implement decisions in a structured and measured form.

3.    Head of IT department is advantageous because the person in charge has the autonomy and authority to oversee the implementation of online programs and software. On the contrary, all the blame and responsibility would lie with the officer in the event of any breach, failure of weakness such as data theft or hacking. A software developer has the impetus to create something new and invent or innovate a program that might be a life changer in the digital world. The drawback is the constant threat from cyber criminals and hacker who lurk to destroy the codes created by the developer. Lastly, a data administrator helps in the orderliness of information set hence is a core member of the information system of any organization and department. The sensitivity of data makes it susceptible to attacks and breaches. Hence, there is a prospect of the data breach such as cyber-attacks that may affect the overall performance of an information system.

4.    As such a job as a software developer would best fit me because it gives me a chance and opportunity to create new things and contributes to the addition of knowledge.

Assignment 16

Ethics states the acceptable, moral and the legal framework for operations within the industry as such enables accountability and high degree or levels of professionalism to thrive. The code of ethics would ensure that all the practitioners in the industry would operate within the same sphere and rule. Thus, it would be easy to rip out any negative connotations and activities that may dent the moral and professional aptitude of practice.

Viruses and malware refer to set of computer codes that can replicate themselves and have an ability to corrupt data and computer system unit. Firewalls and security systems such as anti-viruses are important to check the presence of any malicious or suspicious codes. The primary role of the anti-virus software would be to detect and quarantine or erase any threats that such codes may pose not only to the computer system unit but also the efficiency of the programs and software put in place. Additionally, a user should not visit sites that are not securely encrypted. Also, one should only download files and information from ratified websites that have elaborate security features.

Ergonomics is the study of how person or a worker interacts with his or her immediate work environment. Thus, this concept helps a person to regulate and control or understand modalities and approaches of working fairly with computers. If a person disregards ergonomics, one may cause mechanical damage to a computer or any of its wares and devices or features thereby reducing its overall efficiency and output levels. Hence, ergonomics encourages human and computer harmony.

I would expect to use online payment systems such as PayPal and Payoneer to relate with clients in a convenient manner. I would expect to develop other efficient payment and interaction systems that would increase my contact point with clients. As a result, I would not only wish to use the payment system or technology but also interact with clients through live chat.

Assignment 17

Organizational Information Flow in an organization refers to the seamless and meticulous movement of information from one channel or avenue to the next. There are various echelons of decision-making in any structured organization as such the movement of the information should also be designed to regulate the ideas of people and departments. There are various types of Organizational Information Flow namely the vertical mode and the horizontal perspective. To begin with, the vertical aspect focuses on the top-down and vice versa movement of information. For instance, the executive management and the top leaders within the business spectrum may pass and receive information from or to their juniors and people below their job description and pay grade. This may come in the form of orders, memos or general workplace directives. In the same line of thought and argument, people in the lower echelons of the work station may also pass information to their seniors through suggestions or complaints through their elected representatives in the labor unions and organizations.

Implicitly, the horizontal Organizational Information Flow refers to the situation where people or staff members of the same job rank and level share information across. It focuses on the sideways information flow from one area and department to the next. As such, the most common intuition is that the information shared or received would be in the form of suggestions or coordinating ideas. It is highly unlikely that such directives and information flow would be as orders or directives. Instead, it is the representation of ideas among peers and people in the same job echelon or rank.

Management Information Systems refers to a systemized or computerized set of information designed and set to articulate the actions of an organization or company. In principle, it is the care and attention extended to the efficient running of an information system that includes the humans and the computer systems. Decision Support Systems is a form or set of interlinked software and programs that assist in the analysis of data thereby improving and enhancing decision-making processes within the given organization. Executive Support Systems entails the information system and network that provides the management of an organization with the technical abilities to reach external and internal data concerning the running of an organization. In essence, it is used by the executive or the management. It goes without saying or mentioning that the executive component and top management of an organization relies on a higher technological spectrum with increased clearance to process information and make decisions efficiently and easily.

The VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) refers to a designated programming language of codes that create smaller functionalities so as to conduct specified functions within the wider application of Microsoft. It important to note and mention that a user can generate other functionalities such as charts from the listed commands that would edit to articulate the macro components. In brief, a user would have the chance or ability to customize their commands to suit the features and functionalities that they require. For instance, it can be blend with excel since VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) cannot exist on its own as a unique application.  

Assignment 18

Expressly, the VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) has a simple structure particularly the executable code. As such a user would have an easy and convenient time to manipulate and maneuver through the features of the application such as through the Excel spreadsheets. Also, the interface is interactive and presents commands that would be meticulous to use and analyze. A practical case and instance in this regard are that a user can debug, test and code a given information set easily. In the event that a person or user may require some technical assistance then the MDN (Microsoft Developer Network) has the inbuilt features that would assist a person to conveniently understand and appreciate the processes involved. Instinctively the VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) can be used as a source server for other applications to be developed such as the Active Server Pages (ASP). In this regard, it would be easier to create other interfaces for the end-users emanating from the same VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) server or source.

Assignment 19

The field is an elementary part of a record in a database that contains a unit piece of data. It is subjective of the record. In the most basic representation, the fields appear as columns in a structured database. Essentially, a field helps to organize the data set into rational and stratified features that are similar and distinct or unique to one another. Records are house or harbor unit of the data in a given set of information. In principle, a record includes all the relevant information about a given set of features regarding a specific entity, item or person in a given set of the database. It is imperative to mention that records are the entirety of features and information contained that concerns a given entity or person. Table are the specific datasheets that hold data concerning different features but in the same component. Illustratively, a table may include various files about different traits but under the same component and framework.

Databases are useful in organizations because of the various roles and functions that they perform. Expressly, they are used as the dictionary of information or data because they define and give meaning to the codes they hold. Secondly, they serve as storage facilities and amenities where massive and enormous information is held and analyzed. Likewise, databases are critical in managing the integrity of information gathered. Similarly, security management is a clear and critical component that uses databases for its output and efficiency. For instance, this feature ensures that only specific people such as staff members with the clearance access information from a given set such as a company’s information.

A practical case and instance of online databases include the customer portals, job portals and attendance trackers. All these databases can be used by multiple people instantaneously or at the same time.

Assignment 20

See the attached Access 2016 the same data from excel sheet translated to the Access database

Date are from hypothetical computation.

Assignment 21

 The primary value of the systems development cycle is to develop a meticulous and continuous line of action that would safeguard the integrity and continuity of the project. The process is meticulous from the start to the end with no loops or weaknesses or shortcomings that would have otherwise stagnated the progress of the implementation. As such cycle include Planning, analysis, designing, implementation, and maintenance of the respective order. There is also room for improvement and review if there is any breach of efficiency and shortcoming may be realized. As such, the systems development cycle would be valuable to create the module and framework of action.

Expressly, I would patent the design and final product so as to acquire the sole and exclusive rights and strategic ownership over the final product. Similarly, I would endeavor to register the product under the requisite copyrights laws so as to protect the property under exclusive ownership packages. Additionally, I would ensure that the trademark is protected under the relevant legislative laws hence the final benefits would be solely mine.

Cybercrime is one of the latest developments and threats to inventions and intellectual property hence my endeavor would be a combination of security measures. Firstly I would install internal measures such as antiviruses, firewalls, and passcodes so that only authorized people would have access to the classified data. This would be the first line of defense against unauthorized entry and data access that may be risky. Secondly, I would also store the sensitive data in a cloud or virtual space away from the servers of the company. This would reduce the risk of any eventuality should the system be broken into by advanced hackers or cyber criminals. Further, I would contract the services of an external company to review our security measures and also offer consultancy services. There is always a chance of a structural overlap or a system defect that may pass the attention of internal officers.

Assignment 22

The concept of System Analysis, in brief, refers to the procedure of contextualizing the business operations and delineating the set objectives and intended goals. The framework would then articulate the most convenient measures and ways of achieving the set objectives. System design, on the other hand, refers to the modules, data, interface, and architecture or the mechanical composition required to fulfill a given project and process. The aspect of Software Development Life Cycle on its merit refers to the modality of testing, creating, deploying and engineering a software (or operating information and programs) within the wider context of the information system.  

The Software Development Life Cycle has three distinct components or parts namely creating, testing and deployment of the finished product. To begin with, creation focuses on the introduction of a mechanical and technical idea that utilizes the codes in a new form that had not been previously witnessed. This is the inaugural stage as it focuses on introducing a new set of the idea within the world and spectrum of information systems. Testing, on the other hand, borders on the module of analyzing the security features, ease of usability and efficiency of a software and program. As a result, it focuses on the mechanisms of ensuring that the program has all the right features and principles or tenets so that it would be easier and convenient to use by the clients. It is important to note and mention that testing is done in various stages as the progression of the software development continues. As a result, it would be an end to end module with each stage analyzed on the security and usability features. Lastly, is the deployment component that focuses on the relay of the program and software to the final consumers. It is to say that it focuses on the mode of introduction of the program to the market and the intended users in a manner that would achieve and attract maximum returns or benefits.

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