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The paper explores divergent facts with respect to sports medicine. These include the pathways and how one can explore the interest in sports medicine. Sports medicine consists of a wide range of activities that predominantly focus on the well-being of the athletes. These athletes come from divergent backgrounds such as the high school, colleges, different professions and hose in recreation. “People in the sport medicines are involved in the treatment of people who acquire injuries in other places other than in sports since they are common to the injuries acquired in the sports  ” Sherry explains ( Sherry 11). “Professionals in the sports medicine are involved in activities such as guidance concerning the methods of training, prevention of injuries, treatment of problems related to sports and diagnosis” (Arciero 22).

            People involved in the health and safety measures for the people in the field of athletics and other sports are managed by the specialist in sports medicine. “There are numerous professionalisms that comprise of physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists biomedical engineers, nutritionists and psychologists” says Arciero (Arciero 32).  One can hence opt one of the careers listed in the field of sports medicine.

            “The primary role that team physicians perform in the field of sports medicine is coordination of the medical care for the athletes” (Drez 32).   The team physician acts as the leader of the team and is in charge of ensuring that athletes are given enough attention for their care. “The team physician acts as the advocate of the patient in matters that pertain to their health with assistance of other professionals” (Sherry 28).  There are two categories that physicists in sports medicine could be classified into and they include; physicians that deal in the primary care and orthopedic surgeons. He two groups work closely to assist each other in the treatment of common problems that face the athletes.

            The main problems that sport physicians deal with include acute injuries such as tears of the ligaments, damage of the cartilages and problems of the knee, elbows and shoulders. “Physicists are involved in the treatment of conditions that result from the overutilization of the various muscles of the body such as lower and upper extremities” (Schepsis 54).  “Phsicians care for the mild damage of the brain and spine injuries that face the athletes” Drez explains. “The predominant intention of sport team physicians is development of strategies that could help in curbing cases of injuries among athletes” (King 32). However, occurrence of the injuries results in evacuations of the athletes by the sports physicians as they determine the preferable treatment and diagnosis they should use.

            Team physicians are responsible various duties that include; examination of pre-participation exercises, assessment and management of the injuries, prevention of injuries, Training and conditioning of strengths among the athletes, educating and counseling the coaches, administrators and other groups of people to issues that relate to sports and making decisions with respect to the athletes that have been injured within the season ( Drez 69). I most cases, team physicians rely on professionals that specialize in other areas of sports medicine such as podiatrists and surgeons.

            They are physicists chiefly trained in diagnosis and treatment of problems that relate to muscles and the skeleton.  They mainly help in recovery of the athletes without going for surgical measures. In the last decade, orthopedics has been able to treat innumerable cases of musculoskeletal problems among the athletes without hospitalization due to the advancements that have been made. They may conduct x-rays to the patients to look for any possible problems that could have affected the bones.

            Primary care physicists’ core objections are in problems that do not require operations. They are also involved in training activities for divergent groups of people in matters of sports. They offer emergency medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitations for the people who have psychological problems ( Sherry 40). “The core roles that nutritionist perform in sports medicine is offering advices on the diets that the athletes should take to prevent weight loss and excessive gain of weight” Drez states (Drez 66). They are also involved in preparation of diets that relate to requirements of the athletes.

            These are people that play vital roles in the care of the athletes as they are the first people that athletes turn to in case they have injuries. “The implement strength and conditioning programs that helps in prevention of injuries among the athletes and other participants in the sports activities” explains Minigh. Their services to the athletes allows them o compete even when they have injuries. They are also involved in rehabilitation of the athletes who develops complications when competing. Regarding their vital roles in the care of the athletes, the people should be highly competent and should be certified.

            Their chief concern is rehabilitation of the athletes who are recovering from their injuries or illnesses as a result of disabilities of the neuromuscular.  They are mainly located in the cli9nics, hospitals and departments that cater for the outpatients.  People employed in the area of physical therapists comprise of graduates and master holders.

            “In the modern advancements in sports activities, there have been increased needs for the sport psychologists who aid in various matters that face the athletes” commented King.  “Most cases, the sport psychologists are involved in offering encouragements to the athletes who are recovering or those that have been disqualified from participation due to various issues such as injuries and offences” (Minigh 11). Their services in sports medicine are becoming more vital as there have been rising cases of injuries and issues that affect sports women and men. “Coaches are mainly involved in training activities and giving advices to the athletes on how they can compete favorably” (Sherry 29). However, they are people trained on matters of sports medicine as they are at times required to offer first aids to their trainees in case of emergencies during training sessions.

              “Easier decision making with respect to sports medicine can be aided by a number of steps that include; participation in research work about sports medicine, attendance of conferences that relate to sports medicine, seeking advice to sport medicine professionals in various areas of expertise, participating in sport medicine activities in the school and participating in research work on sport medicine” King states (Kings 36). This will advantage you in acquiring adequate information and knowledge on different professionalisms in sports medicine and hence aid in making a wise decision (Minigh 23).

            In conclusion, sports medicine is an area with wide variety of careers. Professionals are involved in divergent activities but closely work to care for the athletes and other patients who develop complications during participations. One should hence gather enough information with respect to the roles of different professionals in sports medicine and their qualifications in order to make a wise choice. It will also aid in career development in sports medicine.





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