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Essays are mandatory from the start of your high school education until you are done with college. However, no matter how many essays you write, you never get hung of doing the essays within the shortest time possible without a proper guide. Considering the busy schedule of a student as you advance with your education, there are several ways most people handle their essays. These are:

•    Hiring someone to write the essay. Hiring writers is an ancient practice. However, the practice of hiring writers to do academic works has become popular in the last decade. A student’s life has so many commitments; in a single day, you may be expected to attend lectures, attend events for networking, as well as attend to your assignments. On top of this, you are expected to get enough sleep to wake up ready for the next day. It is hard to do this and, therefore, understandable to hire someone to take away a load off your hands. There are students in colleges who do the assignments to supplement their income to support themselves in school. However, the internet provides a vast pool of anonymous writers and hence the most preferred source of help. With just a few searches on the web and a few dollars from your pocket, you get yourself a writer who can handle a single essay for you or essays for the rest of your studies.

•    Pull an all-nighter. Some consider hiring writers to do their work for them unethical. These are the students who dedicate their time to doing the essays on their own. The bright side of this is that you get to do the work and are proud to make the achievements on your own. This, however, has a downside. You might spend tremendous amount of time on your essays and probably miss out on enjoying your campus life with the rest of your mates. You may also feel drained during the day, lowering your quality of life on the days following the nights you spend pulling an all-nighter.

•    Learn how to work on your essay efficiently. This is the final and probably the most appropriate option you have. Learning how to write the essays efficiently will save you an enormous amount of time, save you a couple of dollars, and put your mind at ease knowing that your essay is your work. This article will highlight the eight most essential tips in writing essays. These tips will guide you on how to write your essay faster, ensuring that you have enough time left for other things in your life.

Tips on how to write an essay fast

1. Clear your environment and eliminate any possible distractions.

Writing an essay requires an optimal amount of concentration. To ensure you get this, you need to find a quiet space, preferably the library. If a library is not possible, make your space distraction-free. This is by eliminating all distractions, including digital distractions. Avail everything you will need for writing the essay before you sit down for serious work.

2. Plan your time.

After assembling everything you need and eliminating all the possible distractions, it is time to sit down and start the writing process. However, before you start the actual writing, you need to plan your time so that you may be able to organize yourself. Planning your time allows the allocation of time for various tasks, including researching, writing, and reviewing your work. It also enables you to prioritize what is most significant.

3. Read, understand, and research content for the question.

Now that you have made all the arrangements and are settled, your next step is to read the question(s) you are required to answer and understand them. This allows you to brainstorm your ideas before diving into research, whether on the internet or your books. After that, the next step is to dive into research, looking for the relevant material that could be used in your essay. Researching also allows you to have a better understanding of the subject.

4. Come up with an outline

With all the material at hand, the next step is to write an outline. This is a guide that will help you structure your essay. Your outline should contain the thesis of your essay, main points to write within the body, and their supportive evidence (usually a page number from where to extract the evidence in the reference material). The outline may contain an introduction and a conclusion too. However, the most important parts are the main points to discuss in the body arranged from the strongest to the weakest points.

5. Write the essay.

Now that you have everything you need, it is time to write your essay. You already have the structure and the content summarized on the outline. At this point, you dive deep to discuss the points listed on your outline, giving the evidence and citing your sources.

6. Write the introduction and the conclusion last

A lot of students waste their time trying to create the perfect opening before going into the body. However, starting with the body, then going to the introduction is easier. Writing the introduction after the body enables you to have a better flow of information, saving you time—finally, the conclusion summarizes the essential points of the essay.

7. Review and edit your work

Once you have completed writing your essay, it is time to review and edit your work. Sometimes there are minor grammatical and punctuation errors students make as they write. This is the time to spot and eliminate them.

8. Ask another person to review your paper

Once you are done, ask another pair of eyes to review your work. The second set of eyes helps spot some errors in your work that you may have missed. This will also give you an insight into whether your paper is cohesive. Once they confirm that it is okay, you may submit your paper.

Writing an essay may seem like a lot of work, but following the guidelines in this article will allow you to write your paper faster. With practice, you will get better, and so will your speed.

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